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Is your underperforming network affecting your productivity?
We provide strategy consulting and solutions to ensure it is optimized for efficiency.

Live Oak's Networking Solutions brings a proactive solution to your technology requirements. We are not content with just fixing a problem. Our intent is to partner with our customers, bringing a multi-tiered approach to your IT infrastructure. The core of our approach is stability. As we work with your systems, our highly trained technicians will examine your systems to the core, correcting issues before they become a problem.

We can help you budget, plan, deploy, manage, and maintain your IT infrastructure to help keep your business running smoothly while keeping your overhead low. Live Oak can help you configure and manage your remote connection enabling you to access your data how you want, where you want, anytime you want over a encrypted and safe connection.

Live Oak will ensure a stable operating environment with which to build on the next level. The first tier of our approach is operational maintenance. In this phase we will look at the overall operation of your network and servers to determine the best operational configuration. This may mean minor configuration changes and additions or possibly just an adjustment to the services being offered by your servers to obtain optimal operational capabilities. Our second tier is security. Once our servers are humming along, it’s time to take a hard look at the security of your network. What services are being offered? What are the “Best Practices” for your configuration? Are your systems unduly exposed to threats? Are your remote users connecting in a way that will expose your company data? Is your wireless network as secure as you think it is? There are a lot of risks inherent with operating your network. We can help to mitigate those risks while keeping your network operating efficiently.

The top tier of our service strategy is business productivity and growth. We can help you see information technology as your avenue to more productive employees and business systems. Together we can look at your plans and forge a solid road map for you to achieve your business goals by delivering solid IT solutions. Then together we will help you to implement those strategies. We want to partner with you and help you to succeed by offering products, services and solutions that will enable you to not only reach, but exceed your greatest expectations.

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