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Web Design

When we build your new website, we’re also working with you to solve any business problems you may have. You might need more visitors, conversions or sales, or all three. We’ll work with you to make that happen.

Online Marketing

Content marketing, Internet campaigning, Web-based advertising, online outreach — whatever you want to call it, Live Oak's marketers understand the benefits of utilizing websites and social media to boost customer interaction and sales.


With the roots of our organization originating in network services, we have built an excellent and expansive reputation in the field of business technology. You will be pleased to find our staff of professionals as a highly knowledgeable and trustworthy team who is on your side.


  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Online Retargeting
  • Email Marketing


  • Blogs
  • Web Design
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Displays
  • WordPress


  • Performance Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Analysis
  • Server Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • VoIP Monitoring

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Our process

Each of our websites are made of innovation, craftsmanship and research

  • PLAN

  • CODE



We try our best to create quality websites that are easy to navigate,
because we value the happiness of our clients.

Live Oak offers effective design

By listening to our clients carefully, we learn what they and their customers need. We use this deep understanding of your business to build the right website for you and your customers.

  • Cutting edge code and design.
  • Easily update the contient of you website.
  • Rock solid networking skills and network management.
  • A knowledgeable and trustworthy team who is on your side.

With professional development

We work with you as part of your team. We put a strong focus on planning and make use of proven development and project management methodologies to make sure we deliver on time and on budget.

  • Our approach is to go back to basics and work out what our clients – and their users – actually need to do.We build these from the ground up, using industry standard development frameworks so it’s perfectly tailored to your needs and sustainable in the long term.

  • Our team has grown into a talented and experienced force in web development, particularly in the areas of social network development and content management systems, with an emphasis in developing projects in WordPress and HTML5

  • Our vision at Live Oak is to give the community an affordable soultion for getting your company's name and brand out to the public.

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