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Websites are relevant to all three stages of the marketing funnel, which is why your website is the center of your entire marketing strategy. The web is a powerful marketing tool, but to be effective, the content strategy must be built into the site. It has to be central to planning, design, and programming.Marketing websites must generate leads.. In order to do so, websites need to do three things, get traffic, convert visitors, and be updated easily.

"Easy to use" means easy for your visitors to get around and find the information they need. But it also means having the features that engage with your visitors.

Where there's traffic, there's hope. Every website on the internet is waiting for visitors. For some, it can be a very long wait. Have a plan on how to generate leads, even if it's a simple plan. In content marketing, the three main sources of website traffic are search engine optimization, social media, and email marketing. But unless the site is built with these in mind, the Analytics and ROI will suffer.

Website Traffic
Social Media And E-Mail Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

The pages must be aligned with keyphrases. Social media must be integrated. The blog must be a platform for publishing, the landing page for email newsletters, and a magnet for new subscribers. The design must be responsive and mobile-friendly throughout.

Now that visitors are aware of you, you need to introduce yourself and compel them to act. A visitor who becomes a lead or customer has "converted." Conversion rates are measured as a percentage. How high or low is determined mostly by three things: design appeal, content, and usability.

Design - You have to look good, because everyone's a critic and getting a visitor to engage is the key.

Content - Communicate clearly and directly with your audience.

Usability - Quickly communicate that they need what you are offering, and then make it easy to take the desired action.

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